– Sites Like This Help Me Be More Coordinated!!

My constant goal is to try to be less of a train wreck. I want to be the mom that doesn’t have to stop at Publix to pick up a lunchable on her way to drop off her kid. (Did that last Thursday) I would also love to not always have to look for the Happy BELATED Birthday cards!!

Enter Treat!



Treat is Shutterfly’s new greeting card brand. This website allows you to customize a greeting card and then THEY MAIL IT FOR YOU!! That’s right, no standing in the greeting card aisle at the grocery store with your child yelling “Melmo!” over and over again because he has spotted a card with Elmo on it while you try to find the perfect card for your 1/2 cousins step-daughter and then forgetting to buy stamps at check-out because they want a RED balloon, not the blue one you gave them. Best of all? They have an iPad app AND it’s linked with Shutterfly so you can personalize cards with your pictures!

I really need this site. Not only am I horrible at remembering to get greeting cards, but then they will sit in my house or car addressed with a stamp and I always forget to put them in the mailbox. Also, my husbands family is AWESOME at sending greeting cards. We get them for everything! Of course, I feel like a jerk for always forgetting. I have good intentions, but you know what they say about that.

So, would you like to send a friend or family member a holiday greeting but are just too busy? Any birthdays coming up or maybe you just want to say Hey!

Well, now you can mark one more thing off your ever-growing grocery list!

Treat is offering you one FREE card!

This offer is only good today, Monday 11/19, and tomorrow, Tuesday 11/20.

Just enter the code:TREATBLOGR at checkout!

This is the free card I am sending to my in-laws since we will be with my family for Thanksgiving! And just to give you a heads up when I ordered this card using the code above I was required to enter payment information but nothing was charged to my card.

**This is a sponsored post and I did receive compensation. However, I am as forgetful as I said and I really do think that this site will be awesome at helping me impress my in-laws. 😉

Have a great week and don’t eat too much!