Update: Pregnancy and Pottytraining Do NOT Mix

Sooooooo, the extreme pottytraining method was a lot better in theory…….

I have a few different opinions as to why the Naked and $75 method is not going to work for us. First of all, I still stand by the method. I still believe that under a different set of circumstances this is a good method. I know quite a few families who have used this method, or something similar, and had success with it. Unfortunately, at this time that is not the case for us.

So, here is the main reason I don’t think this is the right method for my family at this time.

I am 32 weeks pregnant….. Yup, I know that’s no big surprise. 🙂 But, I think that the problems I have had with this method are directly related.

Super Undies
Super Undies

First, this method is very intensive. It requires a whole lot of work and attention that first week. I am reaching a point in my pregnancy where I am starting to get tired again. At least physically. I get winded pretty easily and chasing after a toddler trying to put him on the potty every 30 – 45 minutes is no easy feat. Add to that all the sqautting and bending to clean up his messes. Also, not easy with my ever expanding girth.

Second, and probably a huge contributing factor to problem #1 above, is I have started nesting. And to Eric’s delight, it is pretty serious nesting. I am cleaning everything in sight and multiple times. I never had this issue when I was pregnant with Noah, but it is full force this time. My house has never been this clean!! I’m really hoping that it doesn’t go away, because while I am cleaning all the time, I am really enjoying having my house be this clean. It’s quite nice! 🙂

Now, I think you can figure out why this is not mixing with this method of pottytraining. I am supposed to let my child pee and poop all over my house?? Are you kidding me?? Just the thought of this makes me shutter. So as you can imagine I have spent the last week keeping Noah out of my living room and the upstairs and really anyroom with carpet and furniture. As I mentioned in a previous post, that means that we have had to spend all of our time either in the kitchen, on the porch, or outside in the yard. When I’m in the kitchen I’m either cleaning or stuck sitting in a kitchen chair, both of which makes me tired and uncomfortable. And come on ya’ll, it’s July in Atlanta. That means it’s HOT! Granted it’s not as hot as where we just moved from, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about hanging out, outside all the time!

So to recap, I am exhausted because I am having to clean up after him all the time, and I am exhausted because I am trying to keep him in places that make it easier to clean up after him. This also entails a whole lot more effort spent entertaining him. None of this is a good mixture. I do realize that if I could just tough it out and get it over with now it would be much easier than juggling potty training him and taking care of Bryce. But, really, I just don’t have it in me. I’m pretty sure I would completely lose my shit, no pun intended. And since I have recently been working on my patience with Noah, I just don’t feel like this is the best time to take on something that may or may not be even attainable.

Blueberry Training Pants

In the mean time we are definitely not giving up on pottytraining. I have gotten some adorable little training pants from Kelly’s Closet. And it is making things somewhat easier. I am absolutely in love with the Blueberry training pants and will definitely be ordering more. They still get super wet when he pees, inside and out, but it doesn’t run all over the floor, so that requires minimal cleaning on my part. The Super Undies are good because they are more absorbant and waterproof, but they are less like real underwear and I suspect he will have a harder time getting them off and on. But, this is only my initial opinion, I will save an official review after we have had a chance to try them out more often.

We are definitely going to take a much more casual approach from this point on. He can wear the Blueberry trainers when at home and the super undies when we are out and about! I’m not putting him on the potty every 3o minutes, but I get him to sit on it every time he wets his trainers. I do think I’m going to order a couple more of the Blueberries to help this out. It seems to be a somewhat easier approach. I’m sure in the long run it will mean more work, but I would much rather spread it out. I have a feeling we might do the more intensive method with Bryce. Luckily that’s about 2+ years away!!!! 🙂

Update: So we loved the Blueberry training pants and the super undies, but they were just a little too expensive to stock up on and with the baby coming it was easier just to go with disposables so now we use Pullups.

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