Very Pinteresting: Help Me Be A Better Mom

Very Pinteresting is a weekly series I will be posting while I try to figure out how to handle two children AND take care of my family/home AND blog AND make new things for my Etsy shop ALL at the same time. It’s kind of a blogging maternity leave, if you will. Each Monday, in place of Must-Have-Monday’s I will be featuring one of my Pinterest Boards. The coolest thing about this is that the boards are linked with Pinterest! That means even though I will be scheduling all of these posts prior to Bryce’s birth, the boards and therefore the posts will be up to date no matter when you view them! I am sure that I will be surfing Pinterest during those 3:00AM feedings and find lots of wonderful things for you guys. 🙂 I hope you enjoy.

This is one of my favorite boards!! I love finding those obscure little mom tips. Like baby powder to get all the sand off from the sand box or reusing the clorox wipes container to keep plastic bags readily available in the car! I really hope you enjoy all of these tips!!

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