WAHM Seeks FTH!!!!

For those of you who don’t understand what the post title means….. “Work at home mom seeks full time help!!”

Work at home moms have two jobs not one. That is a statement of fact. The next time you meet a woman and she tells you that she is a work at home mom – tell her that she is awesome and give her a pat on the back, or maybe a hug if you don’t think it will freak her out. 😉 I could definitely use a hug right now. Or maybe a nice ice cold shot of tequila! Unfortunately, I am a WAHM whose is EBF, exclusively breast feeding, so no tequila for me!!

Given that Noah is only 5 months old and not mobile yet, I know that things are only going to get more complicated.  Sometimes we have great days and then we have days like today. Today was not a good day. I was gone all morning in a meeting and was supposed to stay gone until early afternoon. First I realized that I was going to have to try and move up my afternoon appointment because it turned out that my nanny had a doctors appointment and couldn’t stay later. That was OK, it was my fault for scheduling a meeting at the last minute. Then as I’m driving to the office I realize that I have left my breast-pump at home and since Noah decided to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and eat, there was no way I could last past 12:00 without pumping. Great! The day just kept getting better!

So I knew that I was going to then have to conference in for the afternoon meeting. I figured it would be tough, but it also fell during Noah’s nap time and if he happened to wake up a little early I would have a bottle waiting for him and that would keep him occupied while I finished up the call. After all it was only supposed to take an hour. Sure enough he woke up 30 minutes into the call and it wasn’t a problem. I was super mom, multi-tasking with no problem. I muted the call while I got Noah out of his crib and layed him on the floor in the boppy while he drank his bottle. He then played happily on the floor. Whew, this was working out great. I had been worried he might be cranky.

Then as time passed I realized that I had been on the call for more than an hour and Noah was starting to get a little fussy. I kept the call on mute, only taking it off when I absolutely had to speak. Then I checked my phone and realized I had been on this call for over an hour and a half! Seriously?? How were these people still talking!!?? Noah had officially lost his patience. Luckily I still had the phone on mute.

The callers decided to take a short break and gave me five minutes to pay attention to Noah and try to get him happy again. Then they came back on and explained that due to a minor emergency we were going to have to continue the meeting in the morning. Being appropriately sympathetic about the emergency I got off the phone and directed all my attention to Noah thanking the Lord that the call had finally ended 2 hours after it had started.

Then my phone rang again. No such luck. The remaining attendees informed me that we were supposed to continue the call without the other attendees who had to go. Here’s the kicker, that left me as the person with the most knowledge on the topic and now in charge of the call. Seriously?? I could no longer leave my phone on mute!!! Noah was still a little fussy laying on his play mat. I put every toy that I could find within reach and had to go into another room to finish the call. The entire time I could hear him getting progressively louder and fussier. When I FINALLY was able to get off the phone he had reached a full blown wail. I felt like the most horrible mother in the entire world. I had abandoned my baby for a conference call.

I played with Noah for a few minutes and then rocked him and put him down for his nap. I am still beating myself up as I write this. A big part of me knows that I had to finish that call and any WAHM knows that no one wants to hear that you can’t do your job because of your child. We are generally only allowed the “luxury” of working from home as long as it doesn’t interfere with our work. I am just happy that it’s over with. I figure next time I will have the presence of mind to say that I have another meeting to get to, or another conference call or something when a meeting runs over so drastically. I’m sure you know that when you have a screaming child your brain doesn’t work as efficiently as it should, so I never even considered getting off the conference call. Duh!

-Tracy (Trying not to get burnt out simultaneously working two full time jobs)