A Week In My Life – Day 1 (2013)


Last year I participated in the WIML hosted by Adventeroo. I made it 3 days. So this year my goal is 4 days!! LOL So here is a Monday in my life. 🙂

Adventuroo WIML mon 13




My sister,brother-in-law and nephew were still in town. They spent the weekend with us and we watched football. A whole lot of football. We all went to watch Georgia Tech beat Syracuse on Saturday, then watched the Noles beat Clemson that night on TV, and yesterday we went to watch the Falcons beat the Bucs! It was a good weekend, I don’t need to watch another football game for a very long time. Or at least till Sunday. LOL

2013-10-21 10.51.25

Noah spent the morning playing with his cousin, Thomas. They are so much fun to watch. That is when they aren’t whining at each other and fighting over toys. 😉

2013-10-21 11.15.03

I am going to miss my little bubba!!2013-10-21 13.20.05

After they left Noah and Bryce pretty much played/destroyed the foyer and playroom until naptime.

2013-10-21 13.20.26

Once they went down it was time to clean. That meant lots of laundry!

2013-10-21 13.22.15

We also had some furniture to rearrange. With everyone here this weekend we decided to move the dining room into the breakfast area and create one large table. It worked out perfectly!

2013-10-21 14.08.22

Then Noah woke up early from naptime and continued to destroy the house while I was trying to clean. We haven’t completely unpacked everything, not even close actually. And he found the gift wrapping ribbon! Fun!2013-10-21 14.08.34

Notice he’s also still in his pajamas!  This was the end of my picture taking for the day. I warmed up leftovers for dinner and Eric and the boys played while I continued trying to clean and then it was bath time and off to bed. By then it was 8:30 so we sat on the couch and watched a little TV till 10:00 and then it was off to bed for us too. Wow. We are kind of lame now. 😉

Hopefully the rest of the week will be a little more interesting!