What I’ve Been Up To Since Birthing a Baby

Somehow even though I have a four week old I feel super guilty for not getting things done. It is driving me crazy! I am constantly coming up with new ideas for blog posts and crafts and I can’t get anything done. Mainly this is because I have promised myself, and my husband, that I will take it easy and not push myself too hard. This means my house is a mess, I haven’t posted much, and I haven’t stepped foot in my office/craft room since Bryce was born. It is literally driving me insane.

But, I wanted to drop a post and let ya’ll know what’s been going on and what posts I’m working on for the future!

First, as you know Bryce was born September 7th. He is an absolute dream. He was jaundice in the beginning so he slept ALL THE TIME. It was glorious. Now he’s really starting to wake up more. This is, of course, making things a little more difficult, but really, he’s still an amazing baby. Most nights he let’s me get at least one 4 hour stint of sleep. What an angel.

Noah, on the other hand, has developed multiple personality disorder. The weeks leading up to Bryce’s birth were absolute hell. He was whiney and fussy, and decided to start yelling NO at every opportunity. Basically, he was a toddler. Then we left to go to the hospital to have Bryce and our family invaded our house. In hindsight, this was not the best thing for Noah. He’s used to a pretty quiet house with just Mommy and Daddy. Then one morning he wakes up and mysteriously mommy and daddy are gone. He gets to come to the hospital to meet his new baby brother and see mommy and daddy. But, they don’t come home. Instead he spends the weekend at home with Mimi, Pawpaw, Ranny, Granddaddy, Aunt JaJa, Uncle Pat, and his cousin Thomas. Basically chaos but without mommy and daddy. Talk about one confused little boy! We came home on Sunday and by that evening everyone except my mother had left, under my orders. This helped a little, but we were left with Dr. Jekyl, aka evil toddler. He whined, cried, threw himself down on the floor when told No. It was impossible to please him. I thought I was going to lose my mind. He was thrilled that Bryce was here, and still is, but was terrified that we were going to leave again. I couldn’t walk out of the room without him losing it. Eric couldn’t even take him upstairs for bath time unless I came too.

Slowly, as the week went on things gradually got better. My mom left on Sunday morning and Eric’s parents showed up that afternoon. This was our doing, but looking back, we really should have worked in a little break from visitors. I was trying to make sure we had help, but it turns out what Noah needed was some sense of normalcy, and that didn’t happen until a week later. Once the house was finally void of visitors Noah quickly returned to his old self, with only a little piece of the evil toddler left behind, which is to be expected at this age. Welcome back Mr. Hyde.

Ironically, my parents just spent the night with us last night and I got to see a little hint of Dr. Jekyl again this morning. Apparently Noah is suffering from some sort of PTSD where when anyone comes to visit he is terrified we are going to leave again and starts acting out. Fun!!

Our first weekend alone I started to notice that my left breast was aching during and after each feeding. To keep a long story short, I started with Thrush, got a clogged duct, then mastitis, and then found out that it was actually an abscess. Fast forward to today and I have had a tube stuck in the side of my boob since last Thursday, that’s 6 days!! It’s supposed to come out tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Hands down, this has been the most painful two – three weeks of my life. At times it hurt worse than contractions!! There were a few times that I would have rather given birth to Bryce again it was that painful. Not Noah though, Noah’s birth was hell!

Now I’m just trying to heal and rationing myself the final remaining pain pills from the birth like a druggy. I’m working on some posts hoping to have time to finish them and get them edited with photos so I can share them with you. When I really think about it, most of these posts have something do with things I hate, like Thomas the Train and toddler toys to name a few. I also have a few exciting opportunities coming up that I can’t wait to share with you and a couple of giveaways too!!

Since I haven’t been able to get down to my office/craft room I have at least picked up my camera, as you can see above, for a creative outlet. I’m also delving back into the Clickin’ Moms world of challenges. These are awesome! I will be sharing my first one with you later this week. The challenge involves close up portraiture. Since I have the perfect non-moving model, this will involve a bunch of images of Bryce!!

Talk Soon!!