Why I Love Tiny Prints

This post is short sweet and to the point. Obviously I love Tiny Prints. I think they have beautiful designs and use a great quality paper and printing process. But now I love them even more. Check out this story. It’s true, the family is a friend of my sisters and she made the screen shot of the Facebook post and sent it to me. What an amazing company!!


Basically, their home was broken into and someone actually stole their holiday cards!!! They were in the box and hadn’t been opened. I’m guessing they just grabbed the box in a hurry. I mean why else would you steal someone’s holiday cards.

Now I can add customer service to the list of why I love Tiny Prints.

Also, check out our holiday cards!!! I can’t wait to get them in. I finally ordered them today! I’m so behind!!

Hope y’all have a happy holiday season!!!