How to Make A Fruit Bowl For Easter

I want to share with you guys today what I made for Noah’s Easter Party for school! If you follow me on Instagram, and you should ;), you have probably seen how obsessed I am with mini cookie cutters! Every new holiday or season I run to Michaels or JoAnn’s and pick up some more. I love them particularly for Noah’s lunches. If I cut his sandwich into small enough pieces it generally keeps him from peeling it apart, generally. 🙂 AND it is so cute! For the last month he has been getting Easter shaped sandwiches and when I had to sign up to bring something for the party I signed up for fruit and decided to break out the cookie cutters! Look at how freakin’ cute this is! There are tulips, easter bunnies, crosses, baby chicks and even little egg shapes!

Easter Themed Fruit Bowl - The UnCoordinated Mommy

The easiest to cut was the watermelon. It was very easy to slice it into straight pieces. The cantaloupe and honeydew were a little more complicated because of the seeds in the middle. I cut it in 1/4’s but when I do this again I think I will try to slice it like the watermelon. The key is to get even slices as large as possible. Just have two bowls handy, one for your pretty pieces and another for the scraps. My family will eat the scraps and the pretty pieces went to school with Noah today! No waste! I also added in grapes (safely cut into 1/4’s for the little ones) and strawberries. It made a beautiful fruit bowl.