About Me


The UnCoordinated Mommy

Who Am I?

My name is Tracy and I managed to marry my soul mate, have two boys and move twice in four years. Go big or go home, right!? My oldest son Noah was born in December 2010 and Bryce followed quickly after in September 2012. After spending my first 31 years in Florida we moved to Atlanta, GA and have fallen in love with this town. We hope to stay here forever.

How am I The UnCoordinated Mommy?

I am THE UnCoordinated Mommy. No really. I am. I some time’s “appear” to have it together. But don’t let that fool you! I don’t. I think I am Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when it comes to my coordination. I am either Super Mom and can juggle a billion things like delivering Easter Themed Fruit Salad to my sons class party while wearing makeup, my hair done, the boys dressed to perfection and not one drop of spit up to be found on anyone. This happens like twice a year. More commonly, I am the mom in the carpool line with no makeup on, a greasy ponytail, dropping off her kid late with a sandwich from Starbucks for lunch! 

What do I write about?


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Who was I before The UnCoordinated Mommy

In my pre-blogging, pre-baby life I was an urban planner. Strange, I know. Then when the housing market collapsed and we moved from Tampa to Jacksonville I decided to seek out a job in the non-profit industry. I started working mostly in fundraising for a food bank, but also assisted with a refugee program. I quit working completely when Noah was 8 months old. I realized that I was either going to be a horrible employee or horrible mother. Obviously the mom part was my priority.

The UnCoordinated Family

Why did I start blogging?

This blog was originally a way to chronicle the exciting, and scary, adventures of becoming a first time mom. My hope was to keep my friends and family updated during the pregnancy as well as give advice and tips to other parents-to-be and elicit advice and tips from all the seasoned parents out there. 

 Also, I really, really sucked at filling out my pregnancy journals. (Yes, I had multiple) I kept buying new ones that required me to enter less information and I was just horrible at it. This has turned out to be an awesome pregnancy journal. Maybe one day I will print out all of the pregnancy posts and make little books for Noah and Bryce. Probably not, but it’s nice to dream. 🙂 

Why do I continue to blog?

Now that I have Noah and Bryce, an entire new world of products and research has opened for me. I have always been the person to ask a million questions and want to know the reasoning and mechanics behind most things. And now that both of my kids are school aged I have some more free time to spend on 

Is there anyone out there??

I hope that people will feel free to post comments and their opinions and experiences as well as ask lots of questions. Please feel free to shoot me an email. If I don’t already know the answer then I will be happy to research it for ya’ll!! 

I hope ya’ll enjoy what I have to say!

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