Get Cobb Voters Out Of Schools

Hi Neighbors!

Many of us have been discussing our displeasure with the runoff election that is taking place in certain schools tomorrow. I have written an email that you can copy and paste and forward to the Supervisor of Elections, State Local Elections Liaison for Cobb County and Cobb County School Board Members. If you would like to send an email to all of them at once time click here.


COBB County Election Supervisor

Janine Eveler

Secretary of State Local Elections Liaison for Cobb County

Melanie Frechette

Cobb County School Board Members

Randy Scamihorn

Susan Thayer

David Morgan

David Chastain, Vice-Chair

David Banks

Scott Sweeney

Brad Wheeler, Chair



I am writing to express my concern that voting precincts will bring members of the general public into our Cobb County schools while the children are present. 

Why are schools closed on Election day but not for special elections? Especially when, according to district spokesman John Stafford, “The majority of Cobb’s schools are used as polling places so we designate the general election date as a professional learning day to avoid the logistics and safety impact of having school and polling concurrently.” Wouldn’t those safety impacts still exist for a special election?

This is not a new issue.  On May 22, 2018 elections were held in schools while students were present and statements were made by Cobb County Election Supervisor, Janine Eveler, who said “she will be seeking from Cobb government leaders the reclassification of three part-time site survey positions in her department to full time to eye potential sites to replace schools.”

It has also been brought to my attention that the individual schools do not have ultimate say as to where the voting is taking place on school property. For instance, if there is not an acceptable location that is secure and separate from the children they are still required to allow voting to take place within the school. Is there a way to request a change if it is felt that the location is unsafe?

Please let me know what is being done to address this matter.