Atlanta Baby and Child Expo…Part 1: Lullaby Paints

This past weekend Noah and I went to the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo at the beautiful Fox Theatre here in Atlanta, GA. It was a great event and we had a wonderful time. Noah received a balloon, snacks and some small toys as we went from booth to booth so he stayed pretty happy, for the most part. I wanted to share with you a few of the awesome people I met and their great products!

Since I couldn’t contain my excitement about this first product, Lullaby Paints, it has morphed into it’s own post and I will be sharing the other products separately in a multi-part series.

Lullaby Paints

This was probably one of the more interesting and innovative products that I found. Honestly, it deserves it’s own post, and it got one!

When I was pregnant with Noah I ended up having to paint the nursery myself. I’m a control freak and to get it done in my time frame meant I had to do it. Luckily there was a big window in his nursery and I bought the low VOC paint. Regardless, I still felt uneasy the entire time.

Photo Courtesy: Lullaby Paints (ie. it was on their website)

Enter Lullaby Paints!! (Here is some of the info provided by the company – paraphrased of course!) Lullaby Paints was created by parents to provide a safe alternative to traditional paints. They contain no solvents or toxic chemicals and have no odor! That means ZERO VOCs. You can find much more info about the safety of their paint here. This is pretty awesome for me because we were probably going to end up paying someone to paint the nursery. This time there is only one teeny little window and I know the room won’t be ventilated enough.

I have already gone to their website to check out costs etc. They offer a handy dandy Coverage Calculator that  tells you how much paint you would need for your room. It said I would need a little less than a gallon and I overestimated. That means that for about $70 / gallon I can paint my own nursery. Now trust me, I get it, this is expensive paint. I personally have to factor in that I would have had to hire someone to paint it and that would have cost way more! And most importantly it is super safe for Baby Bryce, not that Noah licked that walls or anything, but you never know this little guy might! LOL And I haven’t even mentioned the Eco friendly packaging. 🙂

Super Cool Packaging - Photo Courtesy: Lullaby Paints (Also taken from website)

The packaging is seriously cool. It’s very space age retro. I feel like Judy Jetson would have used this to paint what’s his names nursery. What was it Elmo, Elmer? Elroy!! Yeah I had to Wikipedia that. Most importantly though this packaging is (more company info coming) 1/5 of the weight of paint cans, and can be resealed. I think I am most excited about the resealing. When we moved recently we had to throw out all of these old paint cans where either a) the paint had gone bad or b) we didn’t want to move it for fear of it opening and ruining other stuff.

I’m pretty excited to try out this paint, I have some small projects in the playroom that I want to work on and this will be the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Did I mention that they offer Chalkboard paint kits? I will keep you guys posted, I really hope the paint is as good as it seems.

Disclaimer: Just so you know, I have had no contact with this company other than talking to the representative at the Baby Expo to learn about the product. They haven’t bribed me in any way to tell you how wonderful they are…..yet 😉