And Chase Makes Five!

I have been meaning to introduce you to Chase! He’s the newest member of our family.

We adopted Chase from Lucky Dog Rescue here in Atlanta back in October. He is a precious little Maltipoo who was about 10 months old when we adopted him. The boys love him.

Particularly Bryce, we are a little worried he might love him to death if you know what I mean. There is a reason you aren’t supposed to leave babies and animals alone with children under age of five. I learned that the hard way with Noah when I walked around the corner and found him sitting in Bryce’s rock n’ play cradle ON TOP OF HIM when he was only weeks old! And today while cooking I realized I hadn’t seen Chase for a while and walked into the living room to find that Bryce had wrapped Chase in a large blanket multiple times and was basically smothering him. 

Amazingly though, Chase adores Bryce. Most often it’s his bed we find him asleep on and whenever we yell at Bryce to let him go and he lifts his hands, Chase just stands there staring at us until Bryce wraps him back up in an overly affectionate hug. What a sweet pup. 

Now if I could just figure out how to get him to stay off of my white couch…