Customize Your Amazon Freetime Unlimited Content

My favorite devices for my children are those that DO NOT require my assistance. Aren’t these things supposed to make life easier? Definitely not harder!! Check out how to Customize your Amazon Freetime Unlimited Content.

Customize Amazon Freetime Content


Recently I attended a Moms Night Out sponsored by Amazon Freetime. It was a fantastic time and exactly what I needed at the beginning of the holiday season. I was also given a Kids Edition Kindle Fire to take home with me! We love it. We already had an older version of the Kindle Fire, but we were so excited to find out that the newer Kindles have a microSD slot to expand the memory of the device. This was a total game changer. We love Amazon Freetime Unlimited but the kids were constantly filling up the memory and getting annoyed when new things wouldn’t download. 

How To Customize Amazon Freetime Content


One thing that was frustrating at first was that Amazon didn’t include some of my kids favorite apps in the Freetime Unlimited library even though most were free. My boys love Netflix and Noah especially loves Madden NFL. Luckily there is a way to add content (movies, books, and apps) to the Freetime Unlimited library. You can also remove things as well, like Spongebob or Power Rangers of which I am not a fan.

Check out this short and easy tutorial to learn how to add and remove content from Amazon Freetime Unlimited library on your Kindle Fire.

Stay tuned! Next up is a tutorial for making Alexa kid friendly on any Echo device. No need to spend the extra money on a Kids Edition Echo! 

Parental Controls for Alexa

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