#ElectroluxLive Cookoff Event Recap

Last week I participated in the #ElectroluxLive cookoff event and it was a blast! You can watch the video of the event here. As with most social events it was crazy and fun. You end up with an adrenaline rush afterwards trying to keep up with everything!

Prior to the cook off event, Food52.com held a contest to find “Your Most Impressive Dinner Party Side” and the winner not only got to see their recipe prepared by the three chefs for the Cook Off challenge but also received an Electrolux Induction Range/Cooktop and a Food52 cookbook. The lucky recipe was Cavolfiore Palma A La Leah (Pan Roasted Cauliflower). Can you say yum!? And what an elegant sounding (and looking) dish! Perfect for a dinner party.DSC_7556

The chefs facing off were Friends-of-Food52 Phoebe Lapine, Jennifer Perillo, and Camille Becerra. Each chef cooked over a different type of range, Electric, Gas and Induction. They also shared various tips for cooking the dish as well as entertaining in general. DSC_7597Throughout the event Electrolux was tweeting questions for participants to answer. By participating and answering at least four questions you were entered to win another Electrolux Induction Range or Cook top. Now as you probably know I have the sense of humor of a teenage boy, so when I went back to review my tweets for this post I laughed hysterically upon reading this gem! The first question asked was which type of cook top do you have in your kitchen? Electric, gas or induction? I answered:



I had mentioned some of the unique characteristics about induction cook tops in my earlier post last week, but I learned a few more things during the event. The coolest (pun intended) feature of the induction range is that the cook top surface stays cool to the touch while you are cooking. Since I have small children this would be awesome!! Knowing that I wouldn’t have to continue to monitor the range after removing hot pans would be one less thing to worry about while preparing dinner for my family!

The other interesting tid-bit they shared was a quick and easy way to test whether your cookware is compatible with an induction range. Wondering what all this meant I headed over to wikipedia and learned that induction ranges use a magnetic field to heat the cookware. This is why the surface is able to stay cool to the touch.  However, that also means that your cookware needs to be made of a ferromagnetic metal. The easiest way to test this is to hold a magnet to the side of your pan, if it sticks it will work! If not, have no fear, they make discs that can be placed on the range to allow non-induction cookware to be used on an induction stove. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was excited to learn about induction cooktops! LOL

Assuming I haven’t lost you with all of my scientific research 😉 you should head over and check out the different ranges Electrolux has to offer.