Fiber is Now My Life

Wow, never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Seriously, what’s a girl gotta do to be a little “regular?” This is not what I thought pregnancy would be like, I thought it was after you have the baby that your life begins to revolve around poop.

In case you are wondering, Metamucil tastes horrible. I was told to try it with orange juice, but I haven’t gotten the nerve yet. I am now trying Miralax mixed in with yogurt. Strangely enough it seems to liquify my yogurt, which kind of scares me, but at least it still tastes like yogurt and isn’t chalky.

Well that’s enough about my digestive system, tell me about yours. 🙂 My friend Kara suggested sugar free popsicles. Do you have any tricks for me to try? Oh, and coffee is completely out, can’t stand the smell of it.

**Edited to add: Actually, I have to say that initially the metamucil doesn’t taste that bad, but you have to drink it right away or it turns disgustingly gooey. I don’t know if it’s my “problem” or the pregnancy, but chugging a glass of anything isn’t really an option right now.

-Tracy (18 Weeks and we find out what we are having next Thursday!!!)