Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Let’s get real here. As moms (when we’re home), we basically live in the kitchen. And there’s almost nothing that can put you in a worse mood than looking around your kitchen and not being able to see the counters for all the clutter. There’s nothing like the feeling of working in a clean and uncluttered kitchen! Here are some fabulous kitchen countertop organization ideas to help cut down on your countertop clutter and lift your mood!

Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Lift Things Up To Create The Illusion of Space

Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog uses a pretty cake stand to corral her counter cleaning supplies and add a pop of gorgeous color to her white kitchen!

Just A Girl And Her Blog - Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Check out this fabulous way used the Ikea Steel Kitchen Organizer Set to keep things off her counters!

No29Design Ikea Kitchen Organizer



Gather Like Items For Visual Appeal and Functionality

When in doubt, corral on a tray! It automatically make things look neater, and there’s a limit to the things you can fit on it! did a great job balancing the warm wood with the shiny metal for a nice contrast.

HoneyWereHome Kitchen Tray Organizer

Two Twenty One used a rustic tiered tray to keep clutter off the counters and add a decorative touch! This is definitely Joanna Gaines-esque. And ya’ll I have serious sink envy here, you have to check out her sink. It’s so shiny and pretty!

This! I’m totally doing this! Keep your cookbooks in a pretty wired basket like A Bowl Full Of Lemons to keep them all in one place and easily accessible.

A Bowl Full Of Lemons - Kitchen Countertop Organization for Cookbooks

Or you can be like A Labor of Love and you can use a basket AND a tiered stand! I love her little cubbies too. 

A Labor of Love - Kitchen Countertop Organization


Solutions That Save Space

Decoholic has 10 ways to style your kitchen counters like a pro, even if you don’t have much drawer space. I seriously want to crawl into all of these pictures and cook in their kitchens. They are so bright and pretty! 

Decoholic - Kitchen Countertop Organization


This DIY mason jar storage from HGTV is homey and convenient for your often-used dry foods. If it involves mason jars, I’m all in!!

HGTV - Kitchen Countertop Organization

Blue I Style has a great filing system for kitchen paper piles! We are drowning in paper around here and I am constantly missing things because the flyer for it is buried in a pile of papers.

Blue I Style - Kitchen Countertop Organization Paper Clutter Solution





If you like your spices to have a uniform look, you can also build a spice shelf under your cupboards to avoid deep cupboards full of spices and add a homey touch. (also not so bright but I liked the idea)

Kitchen Countertop Organization


I hope you have enjoyed all of these fantastic Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas!! I am totally inspired and can’t wait to get organized and clear all of the clutter from our countertops!!