Noah’s Nursery, Hospital Tour, and Maternity Photo Shoot

Well, I didn’t have to hurt Eric. The nursery is far from finished, but as you can see, we are much closer than we were last week…. I am happy because we finally put the changing table/dresser together and I was able to put away all his adorable little clothes. 🙂 We also put together his bouncy seat, the high chair, and the pack n’ play! This is some serious progress people, and I love it!!! 🙂

We also had our hospital tour on Saturday. It was……interesting. There were about 10 couples in the tour group. At the very beginning of the tour our nurse/guide Seqouia (who was awesome by the way) was explaining how we will arrive at the hospital on D-day and where to go etc. when these two paramedics wheeled in this girl who was sitting up on a ambulance gurney yelling. She was in labor and she was not happy about it…….. Needless to say everyone in the group got really quiet and had their eyes, which were big as golfballs, glued to the floor. What a great way to kick off the tour!! Then at then end of the tour nurse Sequoia asked me how many weeks I was and then exclaimed while eyeing my belly, “You better get your pre-registration forms in soon, you’re going to be seeing us a lot sooner than you think, that baby’s already dropped.” Ok, great, thanks! Needless to say Eric and I have been a little freaked ever since then. It has finally hit us that this is happening soon. I am 33 weeks pregnant!!!

However, that did not stop me from climbing up on trees at my photo shoot yesterday!! 🙂 Don’t worry, Eric was there to spot me and fuss at me if he thought I was doing anything dangerous. He is a very protective husband and daddy. 🙂 I can’t wait to show off these pictures though!! They are going to be awesome!!! Inga is a genious!! I will post a link to her blog as soon as she posts a couple of the pictures!