One Pot Cheesy Rice Skillet Recipe

I always have the best of intentions when it comes to cooking dinner. I plan a weeks worth of recipes and grab my shopping list. Sometimes I order the groceries online and sometimes I stupidly brave the super market with both boys strapped into the double cart fight the whole time. Most often I avoid the super market like the plague and then scrounge through my pantry and freezer for something fix.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute® Rice.

One skillet dishes are the best! I can throw everything in the pan and BAM healthy meal for the family. The boys are still protesting foods that touch each other so I throw a spoonful of rice on their plates before I mix everything together. But I’m holding out hope that they will get over that soon!


One skillet cheesy enchilada recipe

I try to keep my staples on hand for situations like this. Rice is a main one! All I need is some rice in the pantry and frozen vegetables and a protein in the freezer. I can make everything from chicken fried rice to a cheesy enchilada skillet (recipe below)!

Minute Rice Event

That was pretty much all I knew to do with rice until I went to the Minute® Rice event. They made a breakfast skillet (above) using rice and sausage and eggs that was delicious!!

Minute Rice Event

And these crunchy rice cakes were crispy and delicious! We also had a contest and my team made a fantastic chicken fried rice and we finished off the evening with Apple Rice tarts that were amazing. One tip I learned when using rice in a dessert is to boil the rice in apple juice!

Minute Rice Event

After the party we were sent home with some goody bags full of Minute® Rice and asked to share a recipe. Wanting to stick with what I know and keep things simple I decided to share with you my Cheesy Enchilada Skillet recipe. This only requires two pans so clean up is minimal and if you use frozen vegetables like I do you don’t even need to use a cutting board.

First I brown the ground beef and drain it. I usually put it in a bowl to add later. I keep just a little of the grease in the pan and then throw some frozen diced onions and bell peppers. Once those are cooked down I add about a half a teaspoon of minced garlic. Don’t add the garlic too soon, it only takes about 30 seconds to cook. While I’m doing all of this I have a pot of water with some rice on to boil. I used the Minute® Rice Multi-Grain Medley and it was fantastic! 


Now just add the rice, ground beef, frozen corn, black beans (drained and rinsed), and about a cup of enchilada sauce. Let this all cook together and get happy. This is when I usually turn off the burner and cover it. I will let it sit until my husband gets home and it’s almost time to sit down for dinner. I turn the burner back on about medium heat and cover the top with cheese. Once it’s all gooey with cheesy goodness you are ready to go!! 

So fast, so easy, and so good!! You can check out the Minute® Rice Riceipe® Club for lots of fun recipes! I’ve included some of my favorites on my Pinterest board below that is full of other recipes with rice as the main ingredient. 

What’s one of your favorite ways to cook with rice? Share recipe links below in the comments!!

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*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute® Rice.