The Un-Coordinated Mommy

As most of you know I have a website The Coordinated Bride, which was the brain child of my overly obsessed wedding brain. Well in keeping with that theme I have decided to start The Un-Coordinated Mommy blog.

This blog is not a business venture, but a way to chronical these exciting, and scary, adventures that Eric and I are embarking upon. My hope is to keep my friends and family updated during the pregnancy as well as give advice and tips to other parents-to-be and elicit advice and tips from all the seasoned parents out there. 

 Also, I really, really suck at filling out my pregnancy journals. (Yes, I have multiple) I keep buying new ones that require me to enter less information and I am just horrible at it. So, this can be my electronic pregnancy journal! Much easier to keep track of and add to it!

-Tracy (16 weeks pregnant tomorrow!)