What’s Your “One Little Word?”

I keep seeing some posts everywhere about picking one little word “to focus on, meditate on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life.” I love this. In the past I have taken to writing phrases on my bathroom mirror. Some of my favorites are “Don’t Be Lazy” and “Be Still” (short for “Be Still and Know That I Am God). 

As I sit and ponder what my One Little Word for 2016 should be I keep circling back to “Relax.” However, considering in the past I have had to write “Don’t Be Lazy” this might not be the best word for me. 🙂 I might be the busiest lazy person that ever existed. I have a billion things to do and I get so overwhelmed that I tend to procrastinate. 

One Little Word

I’m hoping that if I choose “Relax” I can accomplish a balance using the following guidelines:

  • Relax….and spend quality time with my husband and kids.
  • Relax….and let the little things go.
  • Say No more often so I can….Relax.
  • Be more organized so I can…..Relax.
  • Get shit done ahead of time so that I can….Relax.

Notice a trend at the end there? 🙂

What is your One Little Word going to be? Here are some great ones to get your brain a whirling. 🙂