When Your IUD Goes MIA

Last week I had a little scare. I had started feeling weird. Like moody weird. Like huge boobs weird. Normally this would have just been a sign that I was about to start my period, but I don’t have those symptoms anymore since I got an IUD after Bryce was born.

See, I sometimes feel like I am tempting fate by having an IUD. My mom had an IUD when she got pregnant with me. And yes, that was a nineteen seventy something IUD, but still. So I was starting to sweat a little. And my sister didn’t make me feel much better when she mentioned she knew two other women who had gotten pregnant with IUDs.

Since Bryce was damn near an immaculate conception I figured a little piece of plastic tubing wasn’t going to stop God if He really wanted us to have a baby, and really who I am to stand in His way. But still, whether it was God’s will or not I was FREAKING OUT.

I had also read a few years ago when another blogger shared her story of an IUD that went rogue and ended up escaping from her uterus!!!! Seriously!! I took a little look see and could find NO strings. That meant it was time to send in a search party. I called my OB.

In the mean time I continued to FREAK OUT, because we have been very adamant that we are happy with two children and the possibility of a third makes us FREAK OUT.

I was able to schedule an appointment for lunchtime and Eric met me at the doctors office and took the boys to go get some Chick-Fil-A. An invasive exam is bad enough, having to endure that with 2 and 4 year old boys in the same room? Not happening.

I approached the desk and the receptionist asked for my insurance card and then asked if I wanted to get a flu shot. I responded with an emphatic YES!! She laughed and said that I might be the most excited she’s ever seen someone about getting a flu shot. I have the same views about shots with small children that I do about invasive exams, so this was perfect!! Two birds, one stone. I might be scheduling my annual exams around flu season from now on!!

Turns out everything was where it should be and there was nothing where it shouldn’t be. Thank You God!!

Only, now I have no excuse for that 7 pounds I’ve gained and what a bitch I’ve been lately.