11 Shows to Binge Watch

11 Shows To Binge Watch - The UnCoordinated Mommy

Binge drinking, binge eating. These terms apply to disorders. Well if that’s the case then my husband and I share a disorder along with probably most of the country, we binge watch T.V. shows. Here are our favorite shows that we have binge watched over the past 7 years. I’m going back that far because [...]

A Fresh Quest for Healthy Foods

How To Eat Fresh

It’s amazing how just one sentence can completely alter your course in life. I finally made it to a book club meeting in my neighborhood. We moved last September and I have been trying to make a meeting since about December. I have even been readingĀ  all the books I just hadn’t actually made it [...]

How To Be A Flower Snob On a Budget

The Bouqs Review

I have a problem. I am a flower snob. I can’t help it, I blame all those wedding magazines and websites that we start reading LONG before we ever actually have a prospective groom. Those classic bouquets are crammed full of elegant expensive blossoms without any shabby filler flowers to be found. Those perfectly, and [...]

Who or Are We Hiding From?

Who Are We Hiding From

When I was growing up in a small town in North Florida, privacy fences didn’t really exist. At least not to the extent they do now a days. We had Old Man Mr. Scruggs on one side with a decent hedge to provide separation and Jane and Henrietta on the other. Old man Scruggs kept [...]

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