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  • The Perfect Biscuit
  • Why Our Legos Are In Timeout
  • How We Fixed Our Broken Bedtime Routine

Frankie Say Relax


Relax. They say it’s best if you can be relaxed. From the very beginning. You need to try to relax your body during contractions so that they can be productive. Are you freaking kidding me? It feels like my body is  being ripped in two and you want me to relax? — Relax they say.  The […]

I Have PT-PTSD Post Traumatic Potty Training Stress Disorder – Tales of Withholding Terror

Silly Noah

I am seriously the worlds laziest potty trainer when it comes to child #2. I’m guessing that’s normal?? Bryce has spent WAY more time in Pull Ups and no longer do I sprint from the back of Target when he tells me he needs to go potty. I lean down and whisper so passersby can’t hear, “That’s […]

Summer Stitch Fix Review

Summer Stitch Fix Review

  Here is yet another Stitch Fix Review because as you can see I am totally hooked. This is actually my third fix that I have received and I have another one arriving this week! I am trying to schedule them every other month. Here is my first Stitch Fix review. I didn’t post about my […]

Choose Happiness – Free Download!

Happiness Quote

So much of our happiness is intentional. It’s amazing how much control we have over our attitudes and state of mind. When I ran across this quote the other day I knew it was something that I needed to put where I would see it often. Now I’m sharing it with you! Here are some […]

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