For The Love Of Bread

For The Love Of Bread

Recently I decided to #getmyfamilyhealthy and I have been scouring books and websites looking for a way to cut processed foods out of our everyday life. And most importantly I am trying to do this realistically. What I did not expect is how much refined flour is in EVERYTHING!! I finally realized that all the [...]

Food For Thought – “Local Organic” vs. “Big Ag”

Food For Thought - Local Organic vs. Big Ag

While I have been embarking upon our quest for healthy foods I have been doing a lot of reading. One book I particularly found helpful was In Defense of Food , by Michael Pollan. I still believe this is a very good book to use when deciding to cut out processed foods. I think it [...]

Can You Hear Them Too?

2013-12-18 11.46.22

If I sit really quietly I can hear these little whispers. It’s not the voices in my head, I promise. Shhhhhhhhhhh. Can you hear it? It’s coming from my closet.  I think they are calling my name. They have been so lonely. And while it may be 100 degrees outside I am already counting down the [...]

11 Shows to Binge Watch

11 Shows To Binge Watch - The UnCoordinated Mommy

Binge drinking, binge eating. These terms apply to disorders. Well if that’s the case then my husband and I share a disorder along with probably most of the country, we binge watch T.V. shows. Here are our favorite shows that we have binge watched over the past 7 years. I’m going back that far because [...]

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