Our Decision to Homeschool

Our Decision to Homeschool

I recently had to make a decision that had been weighing very heavy on my heart. As a stay at home mom, I have always had a hard time justifying putting the boys in school. I have worked part time from home off and on for the past couple of years. Most of it was [...]

New Experiences for Falcons Game Day Fun – #RiseUp

Falcons Instagram Photo

I wouldn’t be doing my wifely duty, my husband works for the Falcons, if I didn’t share some of the awesomeness that they are doing this season! Noah and I had a blast at the game on Sunday while Eric was busy working. Noah once again sat and watched the ENTIRE game. He has literally been able [...]

The Ridges – A Mountain Lake Resort in Georgia

The Ridges Resort Mountain Lake Resort, North Georgia

  Last month we had the pleasure of visiting The Ridges Resort in Hiawassee, GA!   Promptly upon arrival Bryce made himself at home. You would think by the look of him that we were in the car for a long time but it was only 2 hours from Atlanta! That is completely doable even though it was [...]

It’s a #MommyReality Photo Challenge!


A couple of weeks ago I found the #MommyReality group on instagram. Each week they have a photo challenge to show the “real” side of being a mom. As luck would have it, I definitely keep it real and don’t mind sharing it and I won the “Photos Gone Wrong” challenge with this little beauty. [...]

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