My #UnStoppable Mom

My #UnStoppableMom

  You may have read a few stories, like this one here, and here’s another one, that I have told about my mom, the turkey hunter Phd. She is a wonderful sport and not only does she not disown me for sharing some of her sillier moments with the entire world but she actually shares [...]

How To Learn About A Retail Data Security Breach Before You Read It On Facebook

How To Learn About A Retail Data Security Breach BEFORE You Read It On Facebook

Earlier this month I, like many others, received an email from Home Depot regarding a security breach in their payment data system. This was not news to me. I had already seen various posts and articles regarding the security breach floating around on the internet for weeks prior. As expected Home Depot has increased their [...]

Office Depot Foundation – National Backpack Program

2014 Office Depot Foundation Sackpacks

It is a goal of mine to teach my boys about helping others. Coincidentally their birthdays occur around times of year that families whose money is tight can find challenging. I am hoping once they get older to add a charitable component to their birthday parties. Noah’s birthday is two weeks before Christmas and Bryce’s birthday is [...]

Our Decision to Homeschool

Our Decision to Homeschool

I recently had to make a decision that had been weighing very heavy on my heart. As a stay at home mom, I have always had a hard time justifying putting the boys in school. I have worked part time from home off and on for the past couple of years. Most of it was [...]

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