How To Teach Your Child To Clean

How To Teach Your Child To Clean

The other day I was busy cleaning the kitchen and getting dinner made. I had my phone propped up on the recipe holder facetiming with my sister Jamie, Mommy2Bubba, when Noah called from the playroom, “Hey Mommy, come look!” I dried my hands, stirred the hamburger helper bubbling on the stove top and grabbed the [...]

It’s Days Like These……


It’s days like these that force me to own my blog name, The UnCoordinated Mommy. Sometimes I am so with it! I get comments like, “Ugh, I hate you, you made Easter shaped fruit for your 2 year old’s class party! Or, you hand sculpted tiny zoo animals for your 1 year olds birthday cake?! [...]

Who Will We Be When We Are Gone?


Are we the same in heaven as we are here on earth? I like to think we are better. We are washed clean. We are who we were meant to be. The scars that are made on earth are cleansed. Wounds are healed and anger and resentment is released. My grandfather might as well have [...]

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